About Us Page
Thank you for visiting with us at Neo-Asia,formerly Neo-China.

Yes, we have changed our name to Neo-Asia. It signifies our commitment to adopt and to adapt the incessant changes in our demographic components and the various culinary tastes.

What has not changed is our initial belief that the act of eating Asian food ought to be more than the basic need for sustenance; it ought to be something that is enjoyed and relished; it ought to be an experience both culinary and sensory.

At Neo-Asia, we have created a world in which you can indulge yourself in our unique culinary art, our distinctive décor, the soothing atmosphere and the unparalleled service you will receive each and every time you walk through our doors.
Previously, our Master Chef and his special staff present a menu that evolves from the classical entrees of Beijing in the North, the metropolitan gourmet of Shanghai in the East, the spicy Sze-Chuan from the West and the innovative Canton from the South. Now, at our both Cary and Raleigh locations, our menu also includes other flavors of Eastern cuisine, including freshly made sushi and delectable Thai dishes - the evolutionary ingredients to satisfy our savory senses. . Our chef now adapts these culinary masterpieces to the contemporary American lifestyle and tastes, achieving the perfect equilibrium between the contrast of taste and texture, hot and cold, sweet and sour, simple and spicy.
This is the philosophy of the Ying and Yang, a harmony found between classical and modern, East and West. Our enticing dishes are enhanced by our polite, courteous and invaluable serving personnel whose sole purpose is to roll out the red carpet each time you step into our restaurants. They abide by one simple rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Upon entering Neo-Asia, you will be stunned by the artistic displays and decoration as if you were in an art gallery. These original art pieces again embody all that is Neo-Asia: art, quality, service and satisfaction, all passed onto our customers, giving you a truly lasting culinary experience.