Dim Sum
Take a dip into a different culture!
The Cantonese phrase dim sum (點心) can be translated to mean “order to your heart's content.” It may be derived from yat dim sum yi (一點心意), meaning “a little token.”
In the Canton province of China, many people gather at tea houses during the mornings and early afternoons to socialize or conduct business over small meals. This is most popularly called referred to as going to yum cha -- going to tea -- because tea drinking is so strongly associated with meals. In the United States, however, the term dim sum has come to describe any of the small, appetizer-like items on the dim sum menu.
What is served?
Most dim sum items are savory pastries—steamed or fried dumplings; meat-, vegetable- or sweet-filled buns; and noodles. There are also sweet pastries, vegetables, and meats/seafood. The portions are bite-sized and served in small quantities, usually three or four pieces to a plate, so that you can enjoy a variety of foods all at one sitting. Variety is one of the keys to dim sum.
At Neo-Asia, we serve an array of items with Taiwanese, Shanghai, Mandarin, and Cantonese origins. All are prepared with fresh ingredients, and have minimal amounts of calories, fats and cholesterol.
How is dim sum served?

During the dim sum hours, the restaurant bustles with the activity of carts winding among the tables, calls for attention, and the clatter of plates. The idea is to choose menu items continually throughout the meal rather than gather all the food at once before eating. Chinese custom does not reserve sweets/desserts for the end of a meal; rather, these items are interspersed with the rest of the meal, to be enjoyed during the pauses between courses or simply at whim.
The presentation of the dim sum meal has no equivalent in the West. Servers push carts, laden with a variety of foods, through the dining room, passing each table. Once a desired item is in sight, you can flag down the cart, point out what you would like, and it will immediately be placed on your table.
Just as the arrival of food is ongoing, the supply of tea is endless. When a teapot is empty, the customer need only leave the lid up, and it will be whisked away and refilled. One explanation of this custom involves a poor student who hid a bird in his teapot. When the waiter came to refill the pot and lifted the lid, the bird flew away. According to his plan, the student made a loud fuss. It was a very valuable bird, he said, and the restaurant owed him compensation. After this, the restaurant—and all others--decided to wait for customers themselves to lift the lids of empty teapots if a refill was needed.
The Bill
As you select items from the carts or trays, your server will mark your check with the corresponding price of the item. When you are finished with the meal, your items will be totaled.
When is dim sum served?
Dim sum is served as a weekend brunch on Saturdays from 11:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m.
TEA $1.50 per pot, additional cups are $.50 each
Tea is an indispensable part of Chinese culture. A Chinese saying identifies the seven basic daily necessities as fuel, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, and tea. Our tea selections include:
Green Tea /(綠茶) Green tea keeps the original color of the tea leaves without fermentation during processing. 
Pu-Erh/(普洱茶)  Pu-Erh teas come from Yunnan province. These are teas with medicinal qualities, highly prized by the tea connoisseur.
Chrysanthemum Tea /(菊花茶)  Chrysanthemum (made from the small pale yellow blossoms of that plant) is a fragrant floral tea.
Gupu Tea /(菊普茶) A favorite in Hong Kong, Gupu combines Pu-Erh and Chrysanthemum to make a fragrant, flavorful tea known to reduce internal temperatures.
Jasmine Tea/ (茉莉花茶) Jasmine tea is a well-known favorite with the northerners of China.
Special Dishes $9.95
Beef Chow Fun / (牛肉炒粉)  Lasagna-style rice noodle sautéed with sliced beef, bean sprouts, and scallion seasoned with soy sauce. Can also be prepared with chicken, shrimp or pork.
House Chow Fun Soup / (什錦河粉湯) Prepared with chicken, beef, shrimp, fresh vegetables, black mushroom and Lasagna-style rice noodle in an Asian seasoned chicken broth.
Hong Kong Chow Mein / (港式炒麵) Tender sliced of chicken breast, jumbo shrimp and fresh vegetables sautéed in our chef’s white sauce. Served on a nest of wok-seared Chinese angel hair.
Chow Mei-Fun /(台式或星洲米粉) Stir-fried rice noodle in Taiwanese or Singapore style sauce.

Stir-Fried Seasonal Vegetables / (炒時菜) Stir-fried seasonal vegetables with fresh sliced garlic.
Our Desserts & Sweets $3.25
Tiramisu/(提拉米穌) A cool, refreshing Italian dessert that once tasted leaves an indelible impression on you.
Bubble Tea /(波霸奶茶) A Trendy beverage, introduced in Taiwan in the early 1980s. The two main ingredients of bubble tea are the tapioca balls and the sweet milk tea. The tapioca balls in bubble tea are pearl-sized, black and gummy. Bubble tea is served cold.
Tofu Whah/ (豆腐花)  Freshly made soy bean pudding served warm and topped with ginger syrup.

Almond Tofu / (杏仁豆腐)  Freshly made almond flavor soy bean pudding topped with mixed fruits.
New York Style Cheese Cake /(芝士蛋糕)–Homemade with Philadelphia cream cheese, fresh lemon juice, and whole whipping cream. Can be topped with a strawberry.
Caramel Flan / (焦糖布丁) A smooth, soothing caramel custard makes the perfect finish to any main course.
Crispy Sesame Ball /(芝蔴球)Light glutinous rice-flour ball stuffed with red bean paste, rolled in sesame seeds deep-fried until golden brown and crispy.

Sweet Butter Bun / (奶黃)  Tasty sweet butter stuffed into baked dinner bun.

Egg Custard Tart /(蛋塔) Warm oven-baked velvety smooth and sweet egg custard in flaky pastry tart shell.
Our Steamed Dishes $3.75
Shrimp Dumpling / (蝦餃) Hand-chopped shrimp wrapped in a rice dough fashioned into a bonnet.
Spare Ribs with Black Beans /(豆豉排骨) Pork riblets marinated with black soy beans.
Phoenix Talon / (鳯爪) Chicken feet marinated with black soybeans and Asian spices, fried to a crisp and then steamed.
Beef Tripe / (牛百葉)  Hand-chopped strips of beef tripe marinated in Asian spices.
Chinese Chive Dumpling /(韭菜飽) Hand-chopped Chinese chives seasoned with shrimp paste wrapped in a rice dough skin.
Siu Mye /(燒賣) Hand-chopped shrimp and pork filling hand-wrapped in fresh wonton skin basket.
Steamed Pork Buns /(义燒飽) Warm fluffy bread buns stuffed with nuggets of honey-glazed BBQ pork.
Stuffed Tofu Crepes / (鮮竹卷) Tofu crepes stuffed with hand chopped shrimp, ground pork, minced black mushrooms, onion and tofu, topped with a delicate sauce.
Stuffed Lotus Leaf / (糯米雞) Lotus leaf parcel filled with Asian seasoned sticky rice, minced pork, chunks of chicken, black mushroom
and sun-dried shrimp.
Chicken Shrimp Dumpling /(鷄蝦餃) Handmade rice dough skin wrapped with seasoned chicken, shrimp and water chestnut with cilantro.
Stuffed Tofu /(釀豆腐) Fried tofu stuffed with shrimp paste steamed with chef’s special sauce.

Buddhist Delight /(羅漢卷) Tofu crepes stuffed with bean noodle steamed with chef’s special sauce.
Grouper with Asparagus /(蘆筍石班魚)  Fresh steamed Grouper with asparagus and mushroom.
Steamed Grouper /(清蒸石斑魚) Freshly steamed Grouper with sautéed fresh onion and black soybeans.
Chicken Shrimp Dumpling / (蒸餃) Hand-made rice dough skin wrapped with chicken and shrimp, black mushroom, and cilantro.
Our Variety Item $3.75
Rice Roll /(腸粉(蝦,义燒,牛,炸兩) Choice of Shrimp, Beef, Roast Pork, or Deep-fried Twist Dough rolled in a rice dough crepe, steamed & topped with a sweet soy sauce.
Pan-Seared Turnip Cake /(蘿蔔糕)  Mashed turnips seasoned with sun-dried shrimp, pork and Asian spices steamed in cake pan and served sliced and pan-seared.
Gai Lan /(蠔油芥蘭) (Chinese broccoli) Similar to broccoli, but with a longer stalk and a more delicate flavor. Served steamed and topped with oyster sauce.
Yu Choy /(蠔油菜心) One of the best Chinese vegetables, served steamed and topped with oyster sauce.
Jelly Fish /(涼泮蜇皮) Crunchy jelly fish are marinated in a fresh ginger, scallion, chili and cilantro, seasoned with soy sauce and rice vinaigrette.
Eggplant in Garlic Sauce /(魚香茄子) Chinese eggplant stir-fried with bamboo shoots, red bell pepper, water chestnut and mushroom in our chef’s special garlic sauce.
Sze-Chuan String Beans /(干扁四季豆) Fresh string beans deep-fried to perfection then sautéed in brown sauce.
Rice Porridge / (皮蛋粥) Rice porridge seasoned with pork and thousand-year-old (preserved) egg.
Spicy Chicken /(口水鷄) Sliced steamed chicken, topped with a special chef’s spicy sauce with peanut.

Garlic Chicken /(蒜泥) Sliced steamed chicken, topped with a special chef’s garlic sauce.

Beef Chow Fun / (牛肉炒粉) Lasagna-style rice noodle sautéed with sliced beef, bean sprouts, and scallion seasoned with soy sauce. 

Chow Mei-Fun /(台式米粉) Stir-fried rice noodle with sliced chicken in Taiwanese style sauce.

From Our Oven and Fryer $3.75
Pot Sticker /鍋貼 -Ground pork seasoned with ginger, mushroom, and scallion in homemade dumpling skin.
Roti Canai /馬來薄餅 Malaysian Style pancake served with curry sauce.
Roast Pork Bun / (焗餐飽)  Honey-glazed BBQ pork stuffed into baked dinner bun.

Taro Turnover / (酥炸芋角)  Mashed taro root seasoned with sun-dried shrimp and ground pork and fried to a crisp.
Crispy Shrimp Ball /(炸蝦球) Hand-chopped fresh shrimp with rice dough, rolled in breadcrumbs and fried to a crispy golden brown.
Pork Turnover / (咸水角) Ground pork seasoned with black mushroom and Asian spices wrapped in a rice dough and fried to a crisp.
Salty Shrimp /(椒塩蝦) Deep-fried fresh shrimp sautéed with salt, spice and scallion.
Salty Calamari /(椒塩鮮魷) Deep-fried Fresh calamari sautéed with salt, spice and scallion.

Sweet & Sour Fish /(甜酸魚) Slice grouper deep fried into golden brown served with sweet & sour sauce.

Chicken Roll /(炸雞卷) Tofu crepes stuffed with ground chicken, water chestnut, scallion, deep fried to golden brown. 

Thai Spring Roll /(泰式春卷) Deep fried roll stuffed with bean noodle, cabbage, carrot, celery, onion & ground pork.