No. We do not require reservations. However, you are certainly welcome to make them, especially if you are having a large party joining you.
We accept American Express, Diners Club, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.
We have two locations, one in Raleigh and another in Cary. See the following pages for details.
            Oliver Yu, one of the owners, is an artist and educator. For each of our locations, Oliver envisioned the designs and layout, creating an environment where our customers could enjoy not only the Neo-Asia Restaurant fare but also the complementary, contemporary art that surrounds them.
The presentation of the dim sum meal has no equivalent in the West. Servers push carts and carry trays, laden with a variety of appetizer-like foods, through the dining room, passing each table. Once a desired item is in sight, you can flag down the cart, point out what you would like, and it will immediately be placed on your table. For more information on the dim sum tradition, see our Cary location page.
            Yes. We offer a special catering menu for all your special occasions, be it birthdays, wedding parties, or business events. See our Catering page or call us for more details.
            Call us at the location where you would like to pick up your order.
            Yes. Just let us know if you'd like your dish to be more or less spicy, salty, or sweet. We can amend our dishes to suit your taste.